BRAE TER by M. Garnet

coverThis is the first I read from this author and let me tell you I quite like her writing style, it flows very smoothly.The characters H/h, were both interesting and strong, the heroin I liked a lot; she was witty, intelligent and funny; she was in a very scary situation (kidnapped by alien or is it abducted?)but she made the best of it, always adapting fast to her new circumstances with a very positive attitude. He I didn’t love; not a bit of a romantic bone in him,a bit harsh sometimes and the way he takes her sexually..a bit borderline rape, so beware.I also enjoyed the storyline, it was intriguing and well constructed; great Sci-fi! I absolutely loved the world building and it would have been perfect if not for the abrupt ending, I seriously went back to my Kindle library to see if I was missing chapters, I was so frustrated! there was no cliffhanger, which I absolutly hate by the way,but in this case would have been good because it’d mean a second book but noting! just end of chapter 10 and that is that! their relationship never fully develops, many things are left hanging like the importance of the Da ta at ta ze that I thought was not enough exploited and so many other things!I can honestly say that I was enjoying this book so much that I wanted to have at least another 5 chapters hence the 3 stars! I might give this author another shot in the future though.
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